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Midland Wind and Water Mills Group Journal

'Wind and Water Mills'


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No.35 pub. 2016
Benjamin Cartwright of Wombourne, Staffordshire, An 18th Century Millwright; Part 2. Water, Steam and Animal Powered MillsBooth, Tim
Swettenham Mill: An UpdateBonson, Tony
West Gloucestershire Corn MillsBeacham, M.J.A.
No.34 pub. 2015
Long Compton Mill, A Study of a South Warwickshire WatermillBedington, John
The Corn Mills of Redbrook, GloucestershireBeacham, M.J.A.
Benjamin Cartwright of Wombourne, Staffordshire, An 18th Century Millwright; Part 1. Windmill WorkBooth, Tim
No.33 pub. 2014
Textile Mills in North WorcestershireKing, Peter
Some Modern Flour Mills in 1909Jones, Anthea
The Mills of the Hopton Brook; an UpdatePoyner, David
Bradcar Watermill, Chaddesden, DerbyshireCholerton, Peter
Corn Mills Worked in TandemBeacham, M.J.A.
No.32 pub. 2013
Corn Milling in Market RasenMoore, Colin
The Mills on Dowles Brook and its TributariesBooth, Tim
No.31 pub. 2012
Hampton Mill, ChelmarshPoyner, David
Grist to the Mill: Some Early 19th Century ProblemsBeacham, M.J.A
Summers of Tanworth-in-Arden, Millwrights: the Early Years, 1814-1854Booth, Tim
The Struggle for Water Supply to the Mills of StockportBonson, Tony
No.30 pub. 2011
Granite Millstones of Shropshire and adjoining countiesLangford, Ian
Scries that do not jogBedington, John
Middleton Scriven MillPoyner, David
Millstone Makers in La Ferte-sous-Jouarre and the Great Exhibition of 1851Ward, Owen
No.29 pub. 2010
Wheatley Windmill, Back from the BrinkDalton, Caroline
The Windmills of Edward Lancaster BurneBooth, Tim
Anthony Fewster, Mealman of Nailsworth, GloucesterBeacham, M.J.A
No.28 pub. 2009
Hampton Loade Forge Top MillPoyner, David
W.S.Barron & Son, Mill Engineers of GloucesterMills, Stephen
A Survey and Reconstruction of Oversley MillJohnson, Cyril
A History of Oversley MillBonson, Tony
No.27 pub. 2008
Cleobury Mill, Cleobury North, ShropshireBooth, Tim
Transportation of Mill Stones from the Peak District of DerbyshireGifford, Alan F.
Midlands-type PostmillsBeacham, M.J.A.
A List of Midlands-type Postmill SitesBeacham, M.J.A.
No.26 pub. 2007
Galton's Mill, Belbroughton, WorcestershireBooth, Tim & Jones, Madge
Corn Mill Workers in Census Returns, Gloucestershire, 1841-71Beacham, M.J.A.
Great Diurnal of Nicholas Blundell of Little Crosby, Lancashire, 1702-1728transcribed Clarke, Robin
No. 25 pub. 2006
Mills on Lea Brook, DerbyshireWigglesworth, George
Logwood Mill, Kinlet, its History & ArcheologyPoyner, David
Multiple Sailed Windmills in EnglandGifford, Alan
Terrible Machinery Accident at Blythe Marsh Mill, StaffordshireJob, Barry
No. 24 pub. 2005
Clun Mill, ShropshireBooth, Tim
Moddershall Valley Watermills - 40 years onHelsby, Lawrence
Tansley Wood Mill, Matlock - a Derbyshire 'Bump' MillGiffford, Alan
CandlewickClarke, Robin
Mills on the Hopton BrookPoyner, David
No. 23 pub 2004
Mills of Alveley and Romsley, ShropshirePoyner, David
Rectory Mill, AlvechurchHayes, Ian & Rachel
Macclesfield Mill, from Domesday to Global Trade NameBonson, Tony
Postscript to:Fatal and Distressing Motor-car Accident at Gt Haywood MillJob, Barry
From Fole to Liverpool and from Hanley to Ellesmere PortJones, Glyn
No. 22 pub. 2003
Tewksbury's Flour MillsJones, Anthea
Millstone Quarries at Whittle Hills, LancashireClarke, Robin
Emscote Mill, WarwickBooth, Tim
Self-regulating Mill of Edmund LeeBonson, Tony
Great Haywood Mill, StaffordshireJob, Barry
Fatal and Distressing Motor-car Accident at Gt Haywood MillJob, Barry
No.21 pub. 2002
Croxton Windmill, ShropshireBonson, Tony & Job, Barry
Mills at Winshill, Burton on TrentGifford, Alan
Mill Explosion at Macclesfield, CheshireJob, Barry
What Happened to the Millstones?Jones, Glyn
Some Unusual & Little Known Wind EnginesCookson, Mildred
No.20 pub. 2001
Walsokne Brass and its WindmillBuckland, J.S.P.
Waterpowered Pump at Elvaston Castle, DerbyshireBonson, Tony; Booth, Tim & Gifford, Alan
Leamington Mill, WarwickshireGibbons, W.G.
Elephant TalesJob, Barry
No.19 pub. 2000
Shepshed Mill, History & SurveyBooth, Tim; Boucher, John; & Job, Barry
Waterwheels used for Lead Mining in Central WalesStansfield, Colin
Caudwell's Mill, Rowsley, DerbyshireWalker, Graeme
Hydropower at Iles Mill, GloucestershireHodkin, Richard
No.18 pub. 1999
Swettenham Watermill, Cheshire - IntroductionBooth, Tim; Job, Barry & Bonson, Tony
Swettenham Watermill, Cheshire - HistoryBooth, Tim; Job, Barry & Bonson, Tony
Swettenham Watermill, Cheshire - ExteriorBooth, Tim; Job, Barry & Bonson, Tony
Swettenham Watermill, Cheshire - InteriorBooth, Tim; Job, Barry & Bonson, Tony
Swettenham Watermill, Cheshire - MachineryBooth, Tim; Job, Barry & Bonson, Tony
No.17 pub. 1998
Mysterious Millstone found at Bishop's Castle, ShropsGifford, Alan
New Hall Mill, Sutton Coldfield - HistoryLea, Roger
New Hall Mill, Sutton Coldfield - MachineryBooth, Tim
Bosley Works, Cheshire - TurbinesBonson, Tony
No.16 pub. 1997
Dakeyne Mill and its Romping LionWigfull, Phil
Controversial Windmill of Much WenlockLawley, Jean
Chesterton Watermill, Part 1: IntroductionJob, Barry
Chesterton Watermill, Part 2: HistoryClarke, N.M. & Job, B.
Chesterton Watermill, Part 3: Exterior SurveyJob, Barry
Chesterton Watermill, Part 4: MachineryBooth, Tim
Chesterton Watermill, Part 5: Conclusions
Crete - Wind & Water MillsGifford, Alan
No.15 pub. 1996
Carmountside Farm, StaffordshireJob, Barry
Washford Mill, Buglawton - historyBonson, Tony
Wind and Water Mills on PostcardsYates, Michael
River Penk & its tributariesCooksley, Michael
Little Aston WatermillGolder, George
No.14 pub. 1995
Ledwyche Brook & Corn Brook, Shrops. - watermillsBooth, Tim
Bosley Works, Cheshire - HistoryBonson, Tony
Washford Mill, Buglawton - stone grindingBradley, Chris
Berton, Pierre-Theophile, and his windmill sailsCussonneau, Christian (tr. Gifford & Tucker)
No.13 pub. 1994
Strutt's Mills, Belper - Suspension WaterwheelGifford, Alan
Drying Kiln Clay TilesJob, Barry
Nepali Watermills - an updateGregory, Roy
Vertical Axis Wind Power'd Turbine Generat'rs - ProposalsDavies, Kenneth M.
Medical Condition of makers of French MillstonesPeacock, Thomas B.
No.12 pub. 1993
Repton Brook watermills, DerbyshireGifford, A.
Bishop of Lichfield's MillsCooksley, M.
Lanzarote WindmillsHernandez, S. (trans. Coombes, A.)
Shifford's Grange Farm Mill, StaffordshireJob, B. & Riley, G.
Waterpowered Hoists - CastlefieldBoucher, C.T.G.
No.11 pub. 1992
Smelting Mill, Dimmingsdale, StaffordshireJob, B.
Anjou WindmillsGifford, A.F.
How does it work? Flyball GovernorClarke, N.M.
Dunham Massey SawmillBoucher, Dr.C.
Irish WatermillsRoberts, N.
No.10 pub. 1990
Shut Mill, Romsley, WorcestershireWills, E.P.
Broome & Hurcott Estates - watermillsBrown, A.F.
Harbury Windmill - Pt.1: HistorySeaby, Bill
Harbury Windmill - Pt.2: SurveyJob, B.
Harbury Windmill - Pt.3: DescriptionJob, B.
Harbury Windmill - Pt.4: DrawingsJob, B.
Scots MillForeman, W.
No.9 pub. 1989
Vanishing WindmillGill, F.C.
Walk Mill, Eccleshall, StaffordshireHowell, C.
Tidal Power: Tide Mill to Severn BarrageTucker, G.
Two South African WindmillsRoberts, N.
Tide Mill, TinternCoates, S.
No.8 pub. 1988
Crag Works, CheshireBonson, Tony
South African WatermillsRoberts, Niall
Fourteenth Century Millstone TransactionTucker, G.
Birkdale Old Mill, LancashireRoberts, Jo
Mill to MegawattTucker, G.
No.7 pub 1986
Mills & Milling in Medieval EnglandHolt, Richard
R.Stour - Pt.5: Smestow BrookCooksley, S.M. & M.V.
Upper Arrow, Kington - millsTucker, G.
Blackford Mill - machineryBooth, D.T.N.
Wheatley windmillForeman, Wilf
No.6 pub. 1985
Keele Hall - water supplyJob, Barry
Moulin de Billion, Morbihan, BrittanyClarke, N.M.
R.Stour - Pt.3:Stourbridge, Lye, CradleyTucker, G.
Hurcott Paper Mill, KidderminsterGwilliam, H.W.
Hurcott Paper Mill - inventoryBrown, A.F. (ed Clarke, R.V.)
R.Stour - Pt.4: HalesowenBooth, D.T.N.
Rise & Fall of Fulling StocksParkinson, A.J.
D.I.Y. Boulter - Wheatley windmillForeman, Wilf
No.5 pub. 1984
Fladbury Mill, WorcestershireCrabtree, J.A.
R.Stour - Pt.2:Wolverley & KinverCooksley, Michael V.
Temple Farm Wheel, Temple BalsallPitkin, Mike
Dressing of MillstonesCorcoran, Bryan
Making & Dressing French-burr MillstonesWard, Owen H. (trans)
Norse Watermills of ShetlandBedington, John & Rhoda
Mallorca - windmillsCooke, Tony
Nepal - watermillsBoucher, J.K.G.
No.4 pub. 1983
Millers at Turn & Elmbridge Mills, WorcestershireBrown, A.F.
R.Stour - Pt.1:Stourport & KidderminsterGwilliam, H.W. & Tucker, G.
Bedfordshire WindmillsDolman, P.
Hazara - horizontal millsBoucher, J.K.G.
Water Turbine - developmentCrabtree, J.A.
Etruscan Bone & Flint Mill, EtruriaJob, B. & Green, T.
No.3 pub. 1982
R.Salwarpe - Pt.2:outside BromsgroveTucker, G.
Norton Lindsey Windmill, Warks - historyChapman, K.F.
Norton Lindsey Windmill - drawingsForeman, Wilfred
Norton Lindsey Windmill - machinerySeaby, W.A.
Millstone Making in FranceBeauvois, J. (trans. Tucker, D.G.)
French MillstonesWard, Owen H.
Everton Windmill, NottinghamshireWaterfield, James T.E.
No.2 pub. 1981
Belne Brook - more millsGwilliam, H.W.
R.Salwarpe - Pt.1:BromsgroveBriggs, J.D.
Governors - windmillsForeman, Wilf.
Wannerton Brook, N.Worcs - mills & forgesGwilliam, H.W.
Summers, Robert, & Wolverton MillBooth, D.T.N.
No.1 pub. 1980............
Rowington Green Windmill, Warks.Seaby, W.A.
Rowington Tower Mill; the capBedington, J.
Millstone Making in AngleseyTucker, G.
Turtons of Kidderminster, millwrightsBooth, D.T.N.
Belne Brook - mills & watercoursesBriggs, J. & Tucker, G.
Belne Brook - watermills & forgesSimmons, H.E.S.

Copies of past issues of 'Wind and Water Mills' are available for sale. For prices and order form, click here

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